Provincial Hardwood Flooring aspires to use Eco-Friendly materials in all of our services. With over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of utilizing non-toxic, environmentally friendly and renewable materials in our work. Their impact on the environment and in our customer’s homes is our priority. Provincial Hardwood constantly searches for the very best Eco options for our customers who aim to utilize Eco-Friendly options wherever possible. The two areas that have seen the most activity is in flooring material and the floor finish.
Reclaimed wood from old structures, bamboo and cork have become popular choices over the last decade because of their small impact on the environment, making for great floors for the environmentally conscious.
In our finishing stages, Provincial Hardwood Flooring offers the use of an all-natural oil wood floor finish that is plant based. This finish is 100% VOC-Free and completely non-toxic which is available in an impressive amount of colours that are extremely durable. We feel this will be the new standard as the industry moves away from toxic finishes.